Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You know when it's 36 celsius (at least) and like most Belgians, you live in an unconditioned house, and when the air outside is hotter than the hot air inside and you fall asleep on the floor in the lounge and wake grumpy because one of your teeth broke yesterday and the sharp edges rub against your tongue painfully whenever you talk, eat or drink water and the tram that you have to catch has absolutely no air conditioning and it's hotter inside the tram than the very hot outside and the lawyer who is writing up the 300 euro contract that District Huis says you need keeps you waiting 20 minutes after you rushed through the heat to him to avoid being late out of courtesy ... then you remember he kept you waiting that long last time which was why you packed that book in your bag.

It was one of those days.


Belle said...

Just stopped by the have a read, your posts are always interesting and entertaining.

Sorry it is so warm there. I am not familiar with celsius.

Quite warm and humid here but will try to get to beach soon.

woman wandering said...

hi belle ... thanks :)

36 celsius is about 98 farenheit, and I do believe it was hotter ...

Beach ... sigh, no beaches here. Yesterday I just wanted to go back to New Zealand :(