Sunday, July 23, 2006

Imagining Ourselves ... IMOW

Unable to sleep, I read.

And reading led me through the world, quietly researching the stories of people until I stumbled upon this really interesting site

Can a conversation change your life?

Founder and Director of Imagining Ourselves writes: I started the Imagining Ourselves project in the Fall of 2001, in the wake of September 11th. I felt helpless about the state of the world, and struggled with how to make a difference. The spark came during a casual breakfast with a girlfriend. We brainstormed about showcasing the vitality of our generation as a way of inspiring young women to action.

Since then, I have talked with thousands of young women in every corner of the globe, and have been stunned by the courage and accomplishments of our generation. We are not only participating in record numbers in the workforce and educational arenas. We are also charting new paths in our families and in our personal lives-- and contributing positive solutions to the most serious problems facing our communities.

Many doors have been opened to our generation of women. It is now up to us to decide how to use these privileges to create the world we want to live in for generations to come. By adding your voice to this conversation, you have the opportunity to inspire your peers to create the better future that is possible only through our collective efforts.

World Pulse Magazine is worth checking out too.

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