Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Quick Post ...

From the Ibis Hotel in Amsterdam, where they charge .30cents per minute for computer time, a fact I find slightly distressing.

ML flew out to the States this morning and Alison is coming through on the train from Brussels as I type this. We're off to play with our cameras in Amsterdam ... wish us luck.

Yesterday I was reading my map in a square ... as you do, and a clown appeared at my shoulder. The clown hijacked me and as he led me by the hand through the pub I noticed the 200+ spectators watching and laughing as he incorporated me into his act.

Kisses were exchanged, I escaped in full blush, as kiwis do when kissed by a stranger in front of many strangers ... ahhhh, Amsterdam eh.

Obviously lingering on this computer means I'll go without food. Back home in Belgium tomorrow, with a full update and photographs from this sojourn.

1.17 minutes to go ...

Tot ziens from the expensive place.


chiefbiscuit said...

Can't wait for the piccies!

woman wandering said...

Hi chiefbiscuit, a little post tonight before I stumble off to bed ... more photos tomorrow @_