Saturday, July 15, 2006

On the 13th day we rested ...

Oddly enough, household chores seem like a much-needed break and after a morning of cleaning all feels almost normal in our still hot Antwerpen world.

ML has known no other weather while here, complaining to her may prove impossible in the winter ... Europe has only shown her the hot and the sun-filled type of day.

So we've set up the balcony furniture in anticipation of reading and eating out there. The plants have survived our absences and bookmarks have held places in books.

Yesterday we wandered into the city, dropping off films I had taken of ML and Al before leaving last week. We spent a couple of hours exploring Ruben's house with audio guides. It's well worth wandering through if you find yourself in the city. He was one of Antwerp's most famous sons, a leading painter and businessman back in the 15th century.

Lunch was a Brussels waffle ... (whisper) covered in whipped cream with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Barely able to waddle, we caught Tram number 8 and rode out to the new Court House, picking up the second set of translated Birth Certificate documentation for moi.

I have to visit the local District House with the new set of paperwork Monday ... I'm expecting them to ask that I experience rebirth in order to be allocated a completely new birth certificate, and I imagine they will want me to be born into another family with a new name thereby invalidating all previous paperwork I've gathered for them during the last year.

Far-fetched and downright impossible you think? I'll let you know Monday afternoon.
But wait ... there's more! I forgot, the Notary needed a lot of time to draw up a contract for us. Okay, so the District House visit is off until he gets back to us at the completion of his very serious task ...

We picked up photos and rode home on Tram 11, completely exhausted.

Clean and quiet today.


Manic said...

So you set up your balcony furniture in that small palace? Didn't know you lived in such a beautiful house?

woman wandering said...

Lol, the balcony furniture is just a little round table with four chairs and a big umbrella.

We're lucky, we have a big balcony but we definately don't live in a palace. :)

How is working in this heat? Are you in a cool place?

Manic said...

Yea it's fine. It isn't that hot in the plant itself.

woman wandering said...

What's the job manic?

Curious I am. :) Tell me to mind my own business if you like.

Manic said...

It's in some high tech company, can't really say too much about it. And it's too hard to explain what I do, and I wouldn't know actually what I do myself. :P I just do what they tell me to do, and earn a whole lot of money doing it. So I'm happy. Boy, what does it stay way too hot in this little country.

woman wandering said...

Way too hot although it has been raining in Antwerpen and the temperature has come down some ... we were around 21 oC but somehow I'm still sweating ... must stop the housework :)

The job sounds interesting and I'm glad the money is good. Makes working bearable.