Monday, July 17, 2006


Perhaps we should be less concerned about what the large news organisations are publishing as truth and more interested in what the independent reporters on the ground are writing and what the people themselves are experiencing.

We have always waited years for 'the truth' of the various conflicts ...

Who taught us to discount the credibility of those people who are actually there, like the reporter and citizen of Gaza or the woman twice-nominated for literary awards for those outside observers who work for large multi-nationals?

Why not read accounts from those 'on the ground' like Jonathan Cook and Robert Fisk ... people who have published books that give other views ... what frightens people so much about studying all angles?

We're living in 'interesting times; I feel like one of the mass led by a few in terms of what is done in my'name' ... do we become culpable by virtue of our silence?


Anonymous said...

Di-- you have a beautiful blog, of love, beauty, history and fun. Don't bring politics into it. It will just hijack it to a platform of hate and ugliness, with mentally semi-blind people doing battle in your tranquil blog.

woman wandering said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous but my mind isn't a tranquil one and I guess this blog was always firstly and foremost an electronic journal for me, one people can choose to read or not ... sometimes I just can't turn a blind eye to world events ... as seen if you go through my archives.

I have always had strong emotions about injustice as perceived by me ... ask anyone who knows me ... I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't occasionally write about something that causes me this degree of pain.