Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A small insight into living with Europe's heatwave

These days I dream about air conditioning, fans and a swimming pool out on the balcony ...

And do you know what horrifies me about this?
It's that I complained about all those months of zero celsius and no sun in winter.
Now it's all about 30 celsius+, sweat and mosquitoes.

I've just returned from a mission to the bedroom.
I removed every piece of clothing and bedding.
I swatted every mosqito that moved.
AND THEN I sprayed insect killer.

I hate insect killer.
I won't have plug-in insect killer in the house but the 90 million mosquito bites itch when I sweat ...

All I want to do is lie on the floor because the floor doesn't reflect my higher than average body temperature back at me but the floor isn't comfortable.

Perhaps I'm a spring/autumn kind of woman ... definately a complainer.

Excuse me.


shashikiran said...

Bangalore is the place for you. But you would miss the orderly roads, obedient traffic and all the nice things in your pictures. Bangaloreans are nice people (I'm from Mysore.)

woman wandering said...

You made me smile shashikiran ...

I loved the chaos of Istanbul and actually find the supposedly orderly traffic of Belgium far more disturbing because they only appear orderly ... they have strange rules that I find slightly terrifying. Not only that, they have nerves of steel if they consider themselves in the right ... I still haven't attempted to pick up my driving career here.

And I might be allowed to take photos of people in Bangalore ... here it's all very prohibited.

Dobermann said...

I would love to be there, Di. I'm fed up with dark, cold seasons of the year.. Summers in Finald are not that great in general (it's just 20C to 26C and often rain), but this summer has been quite nice.

AC is an invention of gods! I do appreciate some chilled air at home, it's easier to sleep at night, but I do miss the weather of Jamaica and Miami.. Ok, hurricanes are around now and then, but it's not freezing cold! ;) lol

Alison said...

Andrew brought me home a fan today... she is my new best friend. I named her... Fanny.

woman wandering said...

Doberman, let's swap places. There was thunder this morning, a little rain, I'm so hopeful about temps today ... I think it's about 22celsius at the moment.

Andrew is a wee bit of a god then ... it has been so incredibly hot and somehow it's worse in a city. The pollution over Antwerp has been disturbingly visible.