Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Variation

I've just spent the last 24 hours immersed, but for a few hours of sleep, in the life of an interesting person. Research over, I lay down on the couch for a moment and woke two hours later ... I guess I can't weep over being an in-process immigrant any longer... I am slowly but surely being outed as a woman who wants to write and has the leisuretime to nap after a big job. And what corporation would hire me ... Di, oh she was sleeping on the couch in the staffroom last time I saw her, the Peterson deal exhausted her.

After wandering the world in pursuit of my story, I emerged blinking owlishly, wondering at the peace of an Antwerpen day after hours of online video clips made in warzones.

I'm still not quite back ... normal service will resume as soon as I recover.


wandering-woman said...


Enjoy it while you can. Something tell me the object of your interview no longer has the luxury :)

woman wandering said...

Yes, I almost felt guilty ... but I was too tired ;)

lettuce said...

Ooh, can you tell us who the interesting person is?

I read voraciously, but have never ever really read biographies. But I've just started Kate Adie's autobiog. (British journalist/foreign correspondent) and it looks pretty good. I might be hooked...

Oh no, more books piled up to read.

Actually, the one other I read was Brian Keenan, An Evil Cradling - about his experience as a hostage. Did you read it? harrowing and moving, wonderful writing

woman wandering said...

Hey lettuce :)
Not yet, I'm only halfway through.

I've got Kate Adie's book on my desk, halfway through - tis good.

Brian Keenan ... I have the dvd 'Blind Flight' about his kidnapping .. found on Turkish streets for a very small amount of money.

Egan said...

I watched the Tour of Flanders the other day on tv and thought of you.

woman wandering said...

A good race eh wot :)