Friday, April 21, 2006

Le Huitième Jour and Daniel Auteuil

Daniel Auteuil is my favourite French actor and so when I saw Le Huitième Jour I couldn't resist.

Le Huitième Jour translates to 'The Eighth Day' and it's kind of like buying yourself a little piece of magic.

Dan, from Northern Ireland said it best when he wrote, 'This is the French and Belgians doing what they do best. It's quirky, visually inventive, exhilarating and emotionally challenging storytelling. Director Jaco van Dormael takes us into the world of Georges, a Down's Syndrome sufferer and his quest for a meaningful relationship with someone, just anyone. This is not done in a patronising way but with a great sense of fun and also honesty. Georges' interplay with corporate management guru, Harry is dazzlingly handled - shifting from comedy to tragedy back to comedy again with breathtaking ease.'


euro-trac said...

As I have a child with learning difficulties (not downs though) and I need to learn how to speak French... I'd love to see that! :o)

or would I? It'll probably make me cry! :o(

No it won't, I won't understand a word! :o)

woman wandering said...

euro-trac, you are delicious! You made me laugh out loud when I read this.

Warning, there's english subtitles ... you'll understand.