Friday, April 21, 2006

Robert Fisk

Erkan wrote of a 3 hour speech recently given by war journalist, Robert Fisk

The article appeared in NYC ...This intrepid investigative journalist, who, in his more than 30 years of war reporting, has seen enough carnage to last several lifetimes, addressed global issues such as U.S. imperialism in the Mid-East and Transcaucasus, and the implications for small, struggling nations like Armenia. As his publishers rightly describe, Fisk has earned the reputation for “being passionate in his concerns about the Middle East, and relentless in his pursuit of the truth -- traits that have enabled him to enter the world of the Middle East and the lives of its people as few other journalists have.” He is a seven-time recipient of the British Press Awards’ International Journalist of the Year Award and the author of Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon (Nation Books).

In his introductory remarks, Antranig Kasbarian of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation called Fisk “a man of integrity who has put himself in the line of fire in countless wars and invasions, including those in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq.” The capacity crowd gave Fisk a standing ovation as they were told that Fisk “deserves our appreciation -- even before he utters a word -- for continuing to show a high level of courage in his factual, unflinching war reportage at a time when it is
considered unfashionable, if not prohibiting, to criticize U.S. foreign policy.”

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