Friday, April 21, 2006

The Green Street Girl writes

Mark J was my neighbour when I was young and he was always the sweetest guy ... the guy who was sweet on my sister.

I strolled over to his blogsite today and found this ... it's delicious, and a small glimpse of growing up Kiwi.

I'll have to get permission from my little sister to send him her photo for his post ... but first I have to do some maths, as in 'When am I next going back to New Zealand divided by How long is my sister's memory.'


Ms.Baker said...


LOL! "How long is my sisters memory..."

I loved reading his post, it was fun imagining what Mark's memories with your sister were.

I'm busy catching up on all of your amazing posts that I missed recently :)


woman wandering said...

Mmmm I can't imagine my sister forgiving me easily if I provide Mark with a photograph for his blog about her ... :)

As usual, thank you MsB.

Mark J said...

C'mon Wandering Woman - all the photo may mean is a little more wandering before a return to NZ - perhaps delayed by another 5 years??? :)

A school photo from 1976-77 should do just nicely - hehe

jarvenpa said...

Your blog is so delicious, and far ranging. I come away with a sense of having had a taste of far away places and people I should have known. Thank you.

woman wandering said...

Thanks jarvenpa :)

Mark ... it would most likely be 10-20 with the possibility of a reduction to 7 years extra wandering for exemplary behaviour. She was a wee cutie at that age though.

(I guess we can assume she's not reading us at the moment ... or she's hoping that if she ignores us, we'll desist?)

a dracul said...

Two things no shame beating the Germans and if we get a few more strikes we can snatch bronze medal from the Kiwis

other thing was could you point me in the direction of khalid by the riverbend or some sort of verse clue hmm

Mark J said...

Still looking forward to the email containing said photo. My post is incomplete without it. I dont think Sands has read the original post yet - so still time to make the maximum impact. :)

Perhaps in lieu of the image I could blog about another girl who worked behind the counter at Corkin's 4 Square store in 1977? I'm feeling sooooo creative today ;)- and perhaps a tad self destructive?

woman wandering said...

I'm thinking on this ...

Surely you could only write good things about that girl ... as I recall, the sweets bags were always very full :)

This is tantamount to blackmail, just by the way, AND I wrote that you were sweet.

Mark J said...

You know, you're right, that serving girl was a neighbourhood favourite. All the local lads never got our lollies from anyone else.

P.S. Never call a guy a sweetie - It's the kiss of death you know....

Loving the banter of this post though. You know I was only kidding about the Corkin post - If I saw that girl today I probably wouldnt recognise her - except maybe the smile?

woman wandering said...

Lol, the local girls came to buy their candy from her too.

'Sweetie' ... kiss of death?
I never knew ;)