Friday, April 07, 2006

A Little More ...

The author of Slipping into Paradise - Why I Live in New Zealand, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, wrote something of what the word home means to him ... discovered tonight.

'Home is where we feel most deeply. If a visitor from Tibet is walking along 'my' beach, and has feelings that arise because of what he sees there, he can take those feelings wherever he likes and they will always be his. When he revisits this place, it could be home to him if it brings him home to himself, to his own feelings.

When we lose that connection, when we no longer feel anything for a place, we can say that it is no longer home.'

Later, he ends Chapter 1 with these words, 'Maybe going home is only a metaphor, for all of us. Home might be nothing more than a feeling of being where we should be'.


MK said...

this is a really weired coincidence. I opened my blog to write something,lately I totally stopped writing.
When I feel so overload I can write a lot and sometime like now I cant write at all.
I decide to surf on the Blog and just wrote woman stories and first one was this.
I didnt mention Turkey or Turkish somehow its just showed up.
Here I am thinking about how I feel seperated from my country and reading your homesickness in a California night.

woman wandering said...

Hi mk, it was lovely to find your comment here. It's morning and I'm going out soon but I wandered a little in your site ... I will go back for more. :)

As I write this Aynur Dogan is playing. If Turkey can make this yabanci homesick, then it must be so much worse for you when you get homesick. Take care :)

traveller one said...

That's such a wonderful definition of home.

woman wandering said...

It is, isn't it traveller one ... and it fell into my lap just after I had tried twice to define home for myself.