Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some Of This Antwerpen Day

Easter is over, I was back at 'work' today and abandoned my desk for the city.

There's a point that you reach when you move countries; it's the moment you begin to know your way around and I reached it today. I caught the wrong tram, walked across a few streets, found the right tram line and arrived in the place that I wanted to be.

I had decided to explore the Turkish shopping street just beyond city centre. Found ... I wandered a while, not quite dancing the 'Di dance of happiness' when I found the rice for making Turkish rice, and buying some Eti cookies because they were there and I hadn't seen them since Istanbul. I recognised the big packets of good Turkish cay but I lacked the 24 euro for the overpriced double teapot. I even spotted some DoLuca wine ... the Turkish wine of choice during my first year in Turkey, on a shelf next to the Efes beer.

It was a successful morning and I came home via the supermarket, buying seriously healthy foodstuffs for my change of diet. However, before getting serious, I'm roasting New Zealand lamb tonight and we're drinking a lovely little Gigondas red. Tomorrow I become Di the Foodie Puritan, a woman who will undoubtably morph into Di the Witch as her body makes the adjustment ...


wandering-woman said...

Well, roast lamb and a lovely little red sound like the perfect last hurrah...before morphing into a food puritan.

Enjoy them!

woman wandering said...

Ahh yes, the lamb is one day late due to technical difficulties ... namely a 3pm lunch after 'the unbearable lightness of being' screening.

The wine ... lordy lordy, if you can find some Gigondas ... a red, I do recommend it. :)

And thank you ... enjoy I did.