Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Candid Camera Kind of Day

Today I discovered that my passport lacks necessary authority in terms of proof of nationality ...

Sometimes, just sometimes, in being processed for a new country ... I look round for hidden cameras and wait for the laughter and cries of ... 'Just kidding!! And you're on Candid Camera!'

They never come.


wandering-woman said...

Oh, they're there. I know they're there.

Did you look in the tie of the gentlemen who told your passport didn't prove nationality?

Was there a vase of flowers nearby?

I've decided the robotic funcionarios who "help" me with my paperwork here (who have, for example, sat idle at their desks waiting for the clock to mark exactly 9:01 before meeting my eyes and waving me in) cannot possibly be who they seem to be.

I picture them all together in somebody's TV room on Friday nights, watching the week's films. "Oh that was a great one, Conchy, Ha!!her passport doesn't prove anything, yuk yuk yuk!"

woman wandering said...

The guy ... was a very serious woman. It took a lot to get her to smile ... work associated trauma I guess.

Hmmm, hidden camera ... she did have an unnecessarily large black button on her top ... perhaps the camera was there.

It's so difficult to remain silent when silly things are so seriously said. I have a degree in mocking but that kind of humour doesn't always translate and I've already had an incident while mocking a customs official.

I loved the picture of them at their Friday night screenings ...maybe that will get me through next time.

Sal DeTraglia said...

May I suggest...

The next time it happens, toss her a rugby ball and then do your best impersonation of the All Blacks.

If that ain't proof of NZ citizenship, then I don't know what is.