Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Territory Called 'Desk'

Each day Gert goes off to work, leaving his desk and computer unprotected ...

My territorial infringement begins innocently enough, his computer has better speakers and he can do computer-ese, so the music is all on his side.

My computer is on, my desk is overflowing with papers and books; his computer is on, and his desk has a lot of clear space and order.

His computer's memory is bigger than mine and after many years of nagging by my computer-savvy men friends, my photographs are all backed up on his computer ... just in case, god forbid, my laptop dies. So the music's playing and I'm writing a post for the blog, I need a photograph or two, so I move to his desk ... rolling his office chair back over from mine.

When I was interviewing the New Zealand climbers, I was told stories of ... well appropriation of property belonging to other climbers. One of my 'interviewees' had been up on K2 with his Kiwi expedition group. There were many nationalities, some kinder (perhaps more gullible) than others. He told me of the nightly meetings in Camp Kiwi where the competition points were tallied up ... who had appropriated, stolen, been given, 'borrowed' the best stuff. Oh those kiwis ... so it's no surprise to me that I have already appropriated (such a nice word) Gert's office chair.

Actually, as an aside, I was an Airforce wife for 4 years and while tagging along on a tour being given to a visiting American officer, I remember his shocked 'Where did you get that from!?' The Kiwi officer said with a smile, 'Oh we retrieved it...' It was a contemporary piece of American military property ... something they shouldn't have had but then Kiwis have a little bit of everything from everyone back in New Zealand but we're not bad people, rather sweet really.

So ... I have Gert's chair, his computer is playing my music, I'm using it to post the photographs on my blog ... so I may as well stay there and write the post, changing his keyboard from Dutch to English. My books my papers my pens and pencils all make their way over to his side, lightening the load on my desk a little.

My coffee cup, my box of tissues, my hand cream, my phone and a plate with toast crumbs.

Suddenly, the day is gone and he's on his way home. So begins the mad rush to clear his desk, to reunite it with his psyche, taking away all traces of mine ... well, taking his office chair back to my side.

I'm not bad at it, there haven't been too many complaints, although he misses the good pencils, the stapler and paper clip holder on occasion but I'm benevolent ... what's on mine is his.


Mark J said...

Conquer his desk in the name of "New Zealand"! I'd start by "leaving" a little item, like a paperclip belonging to you on his cleared desk. Over time gradually increase the items on the desk - never too quickly - until your desk and his are indistinquishible. Then jump desks and plant a New Zealand flag. This is how New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa are currently taking over London. :) Good luck!

woman wandering said...

Hmm, clearly this was my unconscious goal ... I actually have a big NZ flag folded up somewhere for the moment of conquest.

'Jump desks' ... too small Mark, too small ... I think I'll go for 'two desk colonisation'. ;)

traveller one said...

I love it! I was just thinking of doing the same thing because his computer has a better webcam than mine... so while he's at work...humm... oh yah!

Tracie B. said...

your generosity warms my heart ;)

woman wandering said...

hehehe, thank you traci. he's fortunate that i share really.

just do it, traveller one. possession is nine-tenths of the law ;) and his web cam is better.

there, it's justified.