Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Journey is the Destination ...

Sometimes the trail of a post is long and it's difficult to give credit where credit is due but do it I must, especially when I find some interesting things along the way.

I was reading Erkan this morning and discovered a link to the cyberjournalist's top newsites for March 2006 and while meandering there, I noticed a Tips and Tools link on the left sidebar ...

Clicking 'tips and tools' took me to another place where I noticed this slightly irresistible link, Online inspiration , which led me to where the author writes that he is, Prolonging the slow death of newspapers in his header and describes his site as: A writer's approach to helping bail water out of a sinking ship.

It's a delicious site, and it was here that I found the previous post about Jacob Christiano, the sidewalk poet.

'There' ... she writes, dusting her hands off. 'I think everyone has been credited now.'

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