Monday, March 03, 2008

The Party at Villa Kiwi last Saturday Night

Saturday night was a rather excellent night, here at Villa Kiwi.

There was the sadness of knowing that it was the last party v-grrrl and Michelle would be attending for a while, as they both fly back to the States mid-March but no matter, the party (the entire weekend, actually) turned out to be themed around conversation and laughter as opposed to possible sadnesses. I only remembered that this was almost goodbye when I watched V saying her goodbyes to little Miss 3 who simply adores her. I have a couple more days in Brussels with them before their departure dates come round.

The party mix was delicious (as all party mixes should be), and 2 new kiwis meant that, for once, the New Zealanders were the largest group at the party. It was lovely to meet Jody and Cheryl, both from Palmerston North when they were living their New Zealand lives - neither having met before the party in Antwerpen.

The Brits came, with Sheila's new hip passing the test of our spiral staircase and Manic drove in from his Belgian location and it was so good to catch up with Helen and Heather.

Illness and travel and my terrible organisational skills (come back Shanti) meant that a few people couldn't make it this time. They were missed but hopefully there will always be more parties here at Villa Kiwi.

There was a loose margarita theme but the wine flowed too and everyone seemed to have a good time. Pavlova's were unleashed and once again, we were left knowing Jessie should have made more than two. Next time ... next time.

I think one of the things I truly enjoy about each party is the explosion of conversations from the outset. People walk in and start talking with people and mix and mingle the night away. Then again, I do know some purely delicious people.

As for the photograph. Michelle captured me with my camera while v-grrrl photographed Michelle photographing us. We 4 spent Sunday wandering the city with everyone misbehaving except me ...

We took a million photos, laughed often, ate, drank and were merry.

It was a lovely weekend.
Thanks guys!


Manictastic said...

Lol, you 4 were all photographing each other. That must have been a funny sight.
You indeed do know a lot of interesting people.

V-Grrrl said...

Yes Manic, we had more than one photographic shootout in Antwerp. Trying to shoot someone before they shoot you first is oh-so-American.

And I do believe Di misbehaved. Just ask the parsnip.

furiousBall said...

look at those two pretty ladies.

Di Mackey said...

I'm sure we looked like mature, sophisticated Europeans, manic ...

v-grrrl, I can't believe you would sully my reputation like that ;) The truth is that there was some uncertainty about what a parsnip was in Nederlands speak and it just so happened that we had close to 10kgs of them in the kitchen.

Does this make furiousball our favourite, V?

Michelle said...

Di - you are always sneaky with where your camera points so I am glad that I was able to snap one of you and v-grrrl. I had a great day yesterday chatting and snapping with everyone.

Anonymous said...

Glad your party was a succes, but I missed Manic ... too bad I couldn't come this time. Make him promise he will be there next time!
He sounds interresting ...
See you! (and Manic too)

Mlle said...

Oh, I spoke with Michelle today and it sounds like you had such a great time!
I imagined the table covered with various food goodies, the never ending playlist of music in the background... people standing about, sitting on the rug... cozying up on the couches.

I miss you dammit. sobs*

Di Mackey said...

We miss you more, mlle (aka Shanti)! Do you think you'll be back here this year, writes the ever-hopeful one.


Mlle said...

At this point, I don't know.. I would love to say yes, this summer.. but the exchange rate is almost $1.51 to 1€!!! I might have to ask you to come out here for a visit...
I told Michelle today that if you come over, you'll have to stay for at least a month, since you'll be visiting us on the East coast, V over... hrmm... over where she lives, and ML in ... Ohio? lol
BUT, we both mutually agreed that we would LOVE for you to come here so we could take you out and about.

But back to your question.. I truly hope that I can make it over.