Friday, March 14, 2008

Erkan Saka, Blogger

Erkan in Brussels, originally uploaded by - di.

I finally got to meet one of my longtime favourite bloggers today after work. Erkan was in Brussels for a conference and we met at his hotel ... once I found it.

We went out for coffee and talked and talked and talked ... lovely man that he is, he answered all questions that were asked of him. He charmed me to bits when he admitted being surprised at how young I looked.

Home again with a full weekend of art exhibition meetings. other meetings and a big photography gig starting on Sunday.

Tot ziens from the Yeni Zelanda in Belgium.


Manictastic said...

Blogging, it's such a great way to meet new people.

Anonymous said...

Yeni? Wait till April 11th, then you will be yeni!!
You know who I am ...

furiousBall said...

i think you should have freaked out and said "what, are you calling my writing old!!!!"

because that's what all the women i've tried to date would have done...

Di Mackey said...

Tis, isn't it Manic :)

Lol, I do Lut. I thought 'Wablief?' then recognised the date. Swimsuit huh, I'll have to blow the dust off it. Shameful when one remembers I used to swim competively.

You're dating the wrong women, furiousball. I was delighted, then again I might be older than your dates lol, there's a point where that mistake is absolutely fine to have made about yourself ;)

Peter said...

Slightly off-topic:
I just found out that dining out with women in their 70s can have unexpected consequences.

As for Erkan: I just started reading his blog and was quite impressed.

In my experience, many Turkish men have a tendency to charm women ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Erkan's blog is excellent, isn't it Peter.

70 year old women?
Do tell.

I feel I need to defend Erkan's charm. It had a different flavour to some of the more intensely charming men I met while living in Turkey, his came out of his lovely surprise over how he expected me to look older.

Peter said...

Ah, I'm quite familiar with that kind of charming behaviour Di ;-)

As for my 70 yo neighbour: in response to 'dating older women' I found out that sometimes nature imposes certain restrictions. Her recent two months in hospital and accompanying medication had made her lose many of the conventions concerning "acceptable decorum".

It started out like a scene from one of those sitcoms: someone breaks wind in an upscale restaurant. OK, no problem. But by the time she started dropping her dentures I stopped smiling.

Aging, it can be a confusing experience.