Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A lesson for the world to listen to ...

I hope America gives this man a chance to be President.

It is a speech that can be applied to so many countries and I learnt things as I sat here listening to Barack.

Thanks Manic.


Manictastic said...

I knew you was going to like it. :)Oh, right, I learned some Maori words the other day in a class of mine. :D It was a lot of fun trying to pronounce them. :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Di,

Very interesting.

Think you might find this interesting as well
This is a Dutch singer singing in Arabic, in protest of the current atmosphere in Holland. He will sing this song at the rally in Amsterdam this Saturday.

Best wishes,


Di Mackey said...

Thanks Manic, and Maori ... they say some of it is like Italiano. Did you think so?