Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Finally, I found the strength to close out the sun

I've been sitting here, almost stupefied by the intense sun pouring down on me, quite unable to stand up and close curtains ... and closed curtains I need over here when I'm working my way through a stack of photograph sorting. I promised the lovely Freddy a dvd full of my 2007 Flanders Fields work.

Promised because he has become a good friend and because he has helped me with my fledgling career.

Who is Freddy?
A mystery, I'm not sure he would want me writing of him and his position in the world, she writes laughing a little.

So, I have 100s of photographs to work through and there was I, lacking the will to close out the sun.

I was destroyed yesterday. It seems I might have to go to the gym to prepare myself for 3 day events like last week. I worked Friday, then partied Saturday and Sunday. I guess this is ... well, neglect actually and that shouldn't be amusing but I did laugh quietly again.

One day you wake up and you're really 'the oldest you've ever been' and you feel it and it's crap actually. No one told me to take care of my body because one day it would bite me. And teeth ... oh lord I wish I wasn't so terrified of dentists.

The last dentist was lovely but did change the shape of my bite which has led to jaw-clenching breakages and ufff, I'm working on courage and finding a new dentist in this land of high taxes and social security which leave dentists working alone without dental assistants which I, quite frankly, hate. You don't understand how reassuring and luxurious a speedy and efficient dental assistant is until they are absent.

I have the best dentist in the world at home but going home means I can't afford him, since it takes everything to get home. Grumble grumble.

v-grrrl dropped off a few serious womens magazines. I've read that womens sex lives improve after 38, improve markedly, despite drooping and stretching, and that women who love food and the pleasure of eating are better lovers who enjoy the moment. So yes, a little more laughter this morning and if you're feeling old and a little droopy, check out Eve magazine, it's British.

Still with me?
I should take this whimsical mood of mine and wander off and work.


Pam said...

I had complete and total dental terrors in Austria, but our small town dentist turned out to have quite the swank clinic with newly trained assistants and everything. The EYE doc, though, that was another story about time travel back to 1968.

Let's say I share your horror. It's nice to get medical care from people who speak your language. It's one of the most difficult expat obstacles, I think.

Di Mackey said...

Wow, I'm almost tempted to zip over to Austria but for the fact that the government takes so much in social security that I have to do it here to get any kind of return ...

Peter said...

Men are supposed to be problem solvers", so her I am ;-)

I've got a great female dentist in Antwerp (in her 50's), a classy lady with years of experience and a very reassuring attitude.

Just mail me if you need her address.

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel, schatje.

Anonymous said...

I am also terrified of dentists. I have found a great one in uccle, he speaks English too, so if you want his number let me know.
Apparently I am not the only one (there's 2 of us) who won't let him near me for a general cleaning UNTIL I've had my dose of anesthetic done. Upper and lower part, thank you very much. And yes, he also gives me the kiddie treatment: a cold, orange-flavoured spray that helps preparing for the anesthetic injection... although he does giggle a little when he asks if I want the spray too. Of course I do, what a question.

Di Mackey said...

Oh Paola, he sounds so good.

ren.kat said...

Hm. I have the drooping down. Maybe I should throw in a few morning stretches?

Di Mackey said...

Morning stretches ... maybe. I always think a morning walk is a grand idea but have yet to put thought into action :)

spinfixliz said...

can i have the dentist contact number and address in uccle please? i'm extremely terrified of dentists too!

spinfixliz said...

can i have the dentist's contact detail in uccle please? i can't seem to find one who speaks english easily. merci!