Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If I told you where I've been ...

1am and the 3-day photography shoot is finally over.

Tonight, standing in prime position waiting for the VIP to arrive, I tried to count how many times I've been around heavy-duty security here in Belgium ... the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Governer Generals of both NZ and Australia and then tonight's guest.

Sometimes though, there is that accompanying 'But what if they actually have to make use of their security people ... then I'm way too close'. I had that thought tonight.

More on it tomorrow although there are over 500 photographs that we're rapt with, so it's been a good few days.

Tot ziens from this kiwi in Belgie.


furiousBall said...

well the big assignment behind you, now you can relax a bit no?

Tot ziens from this weirdo in Jersey

Manictastic said...

Lol, it's lovely to see weirdos from Jersey talk Dutch. Maybe our quest of being the world's dominant language is still optainable :d

Di, don't think about the "dangers" too much, because to be honest, not that many photographers die near important folks. They die rather in warzones which you don't do yet :D Well old warzones, that you do, but not actual warzones :D

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog I think cleaning is more dangourous for you then taking pictures! Don't worry about the VIP's but don't come to close to your new cleanmachine! And if you see lightning: the cleaner has NO flashlight, so don't smile at the beast bur stop it immediately!
Can't help it, I have a rather good imagination, can't stop laughing!
See you!

Di Mackey said...

I can relax, dear weirdo from Jersey (I know 3 there now and all of you are quite marvellous) but then there's all the processing stuff, I expect to finish late on Sunday.

Hmmmm Flemish as a dominant world language ... maybe but don't hold your breath, dear Manic ;)

Okay, I found the whole 'not that many photographers die near important folks' reassuring but the security folk sure are careful.

Dear Lut, I could hear your laughter as I read your comment.

En ja, poetsen is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeel meer dangerous (and my Nederlands needs HEEL work) xo