Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just hanging out at the Via Via Cafe here in the city

I finished my book on the tram to the city and was left full of the feelings a good book fills you with ... that feeling of having absorbed some of their wisdom and of having bathed in the golden glow of their life (or that's how it is for me.)

Despite non-serious snow storms and a long list of things to be done, I was heading for the Via Via Travel Cafe here in the city.

Did I tell you I've been invited to judge a school photography competition ... their prints arrived in the mail today so I opened them here at the cafe and it will be a pleasure to work through them, worrisome choosing 3 winners.

I've been invited to the school here in Belgie, so I'll come back with the rest of that adventure one day soon.

But I really came here to work on my exhibition collection. The organiser was a little concerned about my subject choice ... he has this idea that commemorations and kiwis on Flanders Fields might a grim subject area. I've just spent the last hour proving him wrong.

Each of the 5 artists in the exhibition has been invited to exhibit up to 15 pieces of work and there's this deep pleasure in selecting my best while making sure there is a story in each piece I hang.

Next comes the decision on print size and then how to frame ... affordably or beautifully. I've found a truly talented framer close to home so I'll go talk with him soon - maybe both is possible.

There are posters, flyers and invitations being created by the organisation, this being the 10th exhibition. Soon we hear which work or works were chosen for the advertising.

The talent is astounding and I feel very much like the baby in the midst of some grown-up artists. But more on that too, as the tale unfolds.

Tot ziens from the kiwi in Antwerpen.


furiousBall said...

you know every time you feel overwhelmed, those other folks or some do as well. you're incredibly talented Di, I have shown your artwork to my friends many times

Tater tots from the Medford Laker in ... umm, Medford Lakes

Manictastic said...

Oh, you're so busy and stuff. Isn't this a nice turn around since last year. :D

Di Mackey said...

Hey Medford Laker, your words were much appreciated.

Oh isn't it Manic :)

V-Grrrl said...

I judged a school writing competition and it was oh-so-difficult. Some of the writing was brilliant but didn't fit neatly into the parameters of what had been requested and set up as the guidelines. I really struggled with a desire to honor those who dared to "color outside the lines." Those that I couldn't choose, I wrote letters of encouragement, explaining my decision...

Di Mackey said...

That's how it is, although the image is perhaps a little simpler than the word, v-grrrl and yes, I offered to write up a short piece for every entry. I'll get on to that this weekend.