Sunday, March 02, 2008

24 hours ...

wandering in antwerpen, originally uploaded by - di.

Let me write of it tomorrow ...

I've had a truly lovely 24 hours with friends but need to recover myself some after we partied till just before 3am here at the apartment and then walked a million miles with 3 of those lovely friends today.


Peter said...

It was a great day Di, thanks again.

Watching at the LCD screen of your SLR camera I was actually surprised: you do manage to bring out the very best in the people passing in front of your lens.

It will feel strange realizing that Veronica is flying back home to the US though.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed it, but I'm sure you have!
See you!

V-Grrrl said...

It is great fun traveling with a papparazzo.

And a boy with a dimple

And a friendly Jersey girl

Such good times. So much laughter.

It kept all the sad thoughts at bay.

Manictastic said...

You crazy partygoers! :P

It was a wonderful evening with the most hilarious and interesting conversations about topics I didn't think existed.

And pavlova is yummy!

Di Mackey said...

It was a pleasure, Peter and it's as I said yesterday ... you make a beautiful photograph. We had so much fun yesterday too.

As for that V creature abandoning us ... we won't talk of it.

We did, Lut. I'm sorry you couldn't be there this time but I'm sure there will be more.

I do enjoy being the papparazzi, you were all superb and amusing subjects and sad thoughts, well they're a bit of a weight this morning.

Hey maniactastic, it was a wonderful evening, wasn't it. Thanks for coming so far! and I'm glad you enjoyed it all.

Pav ... yes! Now I just have to get everyone into the Vegemite ;)

Simon said...

Sorry we couldn't be there, sounds great.

Di Mackey said...

I hope you guys are there next time too, Simon. I do believe you both would have had a great time. The mix is always slightly different and as a result, the evening always seems slightly different too.

Travel safe!