Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little of this, a little of that ... and some red wine.

It was a punch-drunk kind of work day ... but delicious.

I went in planning to work on the newsletter, finishing it actually.
I ended up doing all kinds of things, tearing my hair out in an amused kind of way, missing my laptop and photoshop CS2 I use here at home and drinking far too much caffeine and sugar.

It all began this morning, after ironing the black jeans that had dried overnight.

I tramed, trained, read and metro-ed my way to the office, worked the day away with my lovely colleagues, went out for lunch and didn't die when I ordered my brie baguette from the upmarket French-speaking sandwich shop that turns me into a-barely educated-unable-to-speak kind of creature

Day over, I left ... then had my umbrella sent down in the elevator because I had forgotten it and well ... the elevator wasn't working so reliably today. It's tiny and I prefer not to be the chick stuck in the elevator story.

Metro-ed, train-ed, read and tramm-ed to the supermarket where I bought some medicinal red wine on the way home.

Trammed, walked, pondering the fact that apartment building was that much further from the tram stop than it was when I left it this morning.

I ate, drank and was almost merry when work in the form of a big pdf urgently required by the printer intervened.

That done, I sat down here to listen to the cd that furiousball sent and it was soothing my brow as I worked ... dank u wel, Van UNTIL I remembered my 'date' with one of the very best New Jersey people ... although they all seem like good people.

I dusted off skype and spent a lovely hour catching up on Shanti, at her place in New York.

It's been a good day.
I hope yours was too!


furiousBall said...

that Van guy sounds handsome

Di Mackey said...

Indeed he does. I think there's a hint of modesty in the name too ... don't you?