Thursday, March 06, 2008

The day I accidentally meandered ... quite quite lost

Note: the tram in Brussels is not the same thing as the metro in Brussels.

I was working today and I had to catch the metro from a new location in Belgium so ... I set off.

The journey.
From v-grrrl's to Arts-Loi (twice-named, as is custom over here, in Dutch it's Kunst-Wet) then it was onto the Number 2 metro in the direction of Simonis BUT I caught the tram ... the underground tram. A mistake that I learned from. Fortunately I still made it to Gare Centrale (Centraal Station in Dutch).

Finding myself unexpectedly above ground I was delighted to note that we were parked outside Gare Centrale, the place I needed to be to make my connection - metro 4 in the direction ... hmmmm, which direction, Stalle P or Esplanade?

So yes ... it might be that I hopped on the metro heading in a direction I had no need to be going in. Two stops down the line and I leapt off, with dignity and waited for a tram going in my direction.

It was much more complicated than but I'm giving you the bones of my journey ...

I phoned the office about then and said it looked like I was going to be about 30 minutes late as I was touring out in the city.

It was a good day though and much belly laughter is happening at V's house tonight. Just ask Martin, who had the misfortune to phone up while I was breathtakingly funny. I think I'm still allowed to travel with him on ANZAC day ...


Manictastic said...

Oh, you travel monkey :)

Peter said...

Rest assured: you're not alone Di.

I never really managed to understand the layout of the Brussels tram network, let alone the road infrastructure.

Without a GPS, I'm lost in Brussels.

Enjoy your time with V!

Anonymous said...

You did it again! Congratulations! I'm going to give you a statue for explaining the "comfort" of the public traffic in our country!
See you!

Di Mackey said...

En reis aap?

I'm learning by negative experiences, Peter and covering quite a bit of the city as a result ;)

My time with V was lovely, thanks.

Public traffic in Belgie is superb, Lut ... I'm just a little simple-minded when it comes to working out which staircase to go down to reach the platform for the metor (or tram) going in the right direction. It's amusing me mostly.

V-Grrrl said...

Only the best women get lost, that's what I tell myself.

You are a wandering woman, after all, and wandering woman often step off the path.

Di Mackey said...

Stepping off the path seems inevitable with my sense of direction but yes, it helps to love wandering some :) It's also been useful being able to laugh at myself ... sigh.