Saturday, January 21, 2006

To Explain the Statue of the Little Boy

I thought it might be an idea to explain the statue of the little boy peeing on the previous post ... it's a Belgian thing and I remember being stunned into silence the first time I saw it.

I struggled to write of it so went searching on google and found rather nice site with an explanation that went like this: This famous statue of a little boy peeing in a fountain is a perfect representative of the irreverent Belgian humor. The unique Brussels icon has been amusing visitors on the corner of Stoofstraat since 1619. Over time it has become a tradition for visiting heads of state to donate miniature versions of their national costume for the little naked boy. The wardrobe of Manneke Pis can be seen at the Brussels museum and includes over 800 outfits from all corners of the world – even an authentic Elvis jumpsuit. Visit Belgium

What can I say ... bemused is the best way to describe the effect of the fountain but it had as much to do with the crowds I saw paying homage as with the remarkable act he was frozen in. Needless to say, Manneke Pis translates to Little Man Peeing.


harvey molloy said...

I've seen pictures of this statue before but I didn't know it was in Belgium.

woman wandering said...

Well ... I studied EU politics and never really did work out the geographical reality of Belgium ... I think I might have imagined it was part of France. It was something else to arrive here last year ... I would really really like to blame my NZ education for this ... is that a really lame excuse for what appears to be a case of rampaging blondeness?