Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Going Around ...

It's official, this week is International Delurker Week, and rude as it may seem, it's time for you to out yourself about reading my blog. Why would I post this, well ... emails have all but dried up. Remember when I was working 4000 hours per week, with a student loading of 165 ... and you guys would send emails into the Turkish wilderness that was Di World, asking if my fingers had healed, could I type yet, and was I still alive somewhere out there ...?

Well, I started this blogsite to guard against future tardiness when that heady state of legal and working again finally occurs, and now ... sigh, so few emails, and so few comments ...

Anyway, it's official, you're among friends and everyone's doing it ... go on. ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

:) thanks for you interest in my blog, wandering woman, you are always welcome to comment since a yabanci can sometimes see better than an insider! Good luck with the waiting time and enjoy your time!
Much love from Istanbul!