Friday, January 13, 2006

20 euro in Belgium

Last night, a friend popped over and invited me to join her on a 'learn to run again' course.

Oddly enough, running wasn't high on my list of 'Things I want to do' however, dieting is top on my list of 'Things I don't want to do' and so I asked questions, as if interested.

It's a 10 week journey, 3 nights per week, and she offered to pick me up and drop me off ... like my Nederlands classes, it's 20euro for the whole thing ... who can beat that?

But running!!!?

I love books and writing and research ... I'm not a runner.

Hmmm, but the dangers inherent in my fields of interest clearly need addressed at some point if my journey in this life is to continue.

She sensed my interest, and reassured me that the coach is her son's athletics coach and he's good.

I weakened, wondering if he knew CPR ...

She promised to run with me, pointing out we could support one another. I don't think she meant carrying me when I got too tired out there on the track though.

Then I remembered and said, 'But I start a really difficult Nederlands class Monday ...' (really difficult is any Nederlands course for this monolingual Kiwi).

I paused and imagined the hell of it ... full immersion Nederlands class from 8.45am, 4 days per week, then learning to run from 8pm 3 evenings a week ... this is a Di that I and others who know me, won't recognise.

But I'd love to run again ... again, well I had a runners high once, it was grand. I think I was about 14 years old at the time.

I mean, clearly there's room for improvement but running AND Nederlands. I thought for quite some time ... I'd like to be skinny and would prefer not to resort to bulimia ... (as if I've ever been able to commit to developing any kind of dieting disease).

I have more than a few personality defects, running could be so good for me , I reasoned ... but it will hurt, you know it Di.

20 euro ... for a good coach ... and a buddy to run with, to notice if I stop breathing and fall to the ground ... "OKAY, I'll do it!" And Nederlands, and perhaps sometime in the near future, I'll adopt disadvantaged children, do charity work and give up wine ...

I do hope anyone who believes anything after me learning Nederlands (which I'm not yet convinced about) understands when I tell them that I am lying.

It took me years to develop this personality, and like my odd little New Zealand accent, I kind of like how it is ... but running, I'll try it. I'd quite like to do it, but have very grave doubts about achieving it.

The final push over into the 'yes' was the thought of the doctor ... I can't go back to her until my blood pressure is down. She's one of those sensible, sweet, stern ones, and she'll tell me off, and won't accept any of my imaginatively entertaining excuses ... I'll run, but I won't diet, so don't mention it.

And no comments about diets that worked for you because they don't work for me, I'm not a good person like you, I lack self-discipline. I can't grow it now, it's too late. That part of my personal development is over, the window is closed.

Sigh ... so Monday, I start Nederlands 1.2 and running for those who have preferred not to until now.

Although ... I still have to find running shoes.


Dobermann said...

I haven't been running for the fun of it in YEARS.. Not after I injured my knees in football (not soccer, the american version).

I do need to sprint now and then, but..'s never much fun. on the other hand it has become less unpleasant since I quit smoking couple years ago. And feels less and less uncomfortable as the time goes by.

20€ for a trainer is nothing, you barely get junk food with that money, so.. ;)

woman wandering said...

Yeah yeah, :) i couldn't justify not going but it's going to hurt SO MUCH ... but i tell myself i will be a better person afterwards, and 20e is so little ... sigh, Monday will be a big day.

shashikiran said...

First of all, I am happy to see the link to my page. Next, it would be interesting to see your progress in running.

woman wandering said...

Thank you shashikiran, I hoped you wouldn't mind me creating a link from my page.

As for my running progress, well ... I imagine the pain might be mentioned on numerous occasions, I'll try avoid posting about it too often.