Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Zealand Movies ... according to Di

If I had to name the three New Zealand movies I most love, it would be simple to list 'The Piano' by Jane Campion, and 'Whalerider' by Niki Caro ... with 'In My Father's Den' by Brad McGann.

Today we went out into the urban wilderness that is the 'January sales', (and yes, stood all but alone, as other fearless pedestrians crossed without waiting for the green light of permission. That traffic policeman has seriously compromised my road crossing freedom). The goal was the dvd sale at Media Mart, a German chain that was offering movies at a rather nice price.

'The Piano' was there, for a mere 8.90euro, and Gert was convinced, probably by my exceptionally engaging and ernest conviction that this was a movie that he MUST see. I hope its sumptuous cinematography is as superb on our tv screen as it was at the movies.

So guess what we're doing tonight ... well, we're avoiding anymore of the 'hovering around zero degree celsius' outdoor stuff, he's cooking pasta, I've opened the wine ... (and it's okay, writes the official taster of wines) and we're movie-watching.

We bought 5 'on sale' dvds, so there's serious work to be done. Hmmm, I might load some of my favourite movies onto my 'library thing' list.

Goedenacht from the Antwerpen kiwi.

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