Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Charles Delporte

I took this photograph at Damme, near Bruges, in Belgium ... I loved it. It's a sculpture by Charles Delporte, and I can find nothing about him, probably complicated by the fact that my ability to read Nederlands is still stuck at Level One ... I can shop in the supermarket ... read shop opening and closing times ... appear to understand or actually understand basic conversation... I can count, and won Bingo on Christmas Day ... I can fill out forms, read junk mail, hmmm and a few other things, but websites in Nederlands are just a little too much. I'm sorry, but here is the sculpture.


Magda Indigo said...

Charles Delporte is painter, sculptor, poet and composer. His creative imagination is unlimited.

His work is that of a visionary who reinvented alchemy, basing his work on scientific information. There are four tendencies in his work: realistic, genetic, geophysical and nuclear. There are over 300 works in museums, foundations, abbeys, churches, towns and universities all over the world. Charles Delporte donated an extensive collection to the Community of Damme.

During the holidays, Charles Delporte opens his museum in the old school building to the public.
All the best... M, (*_*)

Di Mackey said...

Magda, thank you so much for this information. I loved this sculpture and really need to follow up on what you gave me here.

Many thanks!