Monday, January 30, 2006

My Personal Wine Waiter

Saturday night in Antwerpen, and I was out at a Nieuw Jaarsreceptie. The wine flowed freely and I met some really interesting people.

But my question is: Who is to blame ... the head waiter who refilled my glass with red wine each time he deemed it necessary, or me who allowed it?


Dobermann said...

Empty red wine glass is sad sight and it must be ALWAYS filled when possible. I had to red the manual (don't ask which and what..) and it clearly says it in the chapter "Maintenance".. lol

woman wandering said...

lol, he must have read from THAT manual ... i bow to greater bases of knowledge. but it's a matter of 'how many' times that waiter refilled it. did it say anything about limits and refills?

Dobermann said...

I don't know I never got that far, I had to go fill my glass.. ;)