Sunday, January 29, 2006

And So It Goes ...

I have to smile when people assume that all divorced women come out of a long marriage set up for life. My experience was that 16 years of marriage left me halfway through a university degree, with the earning power of a 2nd year university student. No career and no assets ... an interesting situation to find oneself in.

Obviously I finished my degree and wandered off to Turkey but so many aren't so fortunate. I was reading of some in the Guardian newspaper.

Terry Hekker wrote a book back in 1980; a passionate defence of her decision to give up a career and spend her life as a wife and a mother. However she is now writing a new book titled 'Disregard First Book'. Life didn't turn out as she planned, and she now believes her decision to become a housewife and homemaker should serve as a warning for young American women.

In a display of spectacular bad taste, Hekker's husband presented her with divorce papers on their 40th wedding anniversary and left her for a younger woman. The divorce left her facing an uncertain financial future, bereft of income and - after spending her adult life bringing up five children - lacking skills to make her attractive in the job market. Despite that, the judge in her divorce case suggested that - at 67 - she go for job training. And it's as I expected, and her story isn't uncommon.

Anyway, this isn't a posting to everyone's taste, so I'll leave the rest as a link you can click into yourself. Article


Dobermann said...

Sometimes divorce is even a way to make your dreams come true. :)

woman wandering said...

Seems so ... :)