Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I might have had a wee sleeping incident yesterday morning ... one of those climbing-back-into-bed-and-sleeping-until-12.30pm ones. I should be ashamed, but I can't be ... it was good, and I needed it .. and it was probably a growth spurt anyway ...

So here I am, paying for laziness and I have to be up and functioning at 6am ... 4 hours from now.

But worse ... you know those nights when you can't sleep, time passes, you read a few more blogs belonging to strangers then decide to make toast ...well I went out to the kitchen to make the toast, and the noise was incredible. My elbow banged the door, my knife fell on the plate, my plate kept tapping against the jam jar as I spread the hard butter ... sigh, it was a cacophony out there ... all mine.

On the bright side, I didn't drop my toast butter-side down, and I didn't choke during the consumption of said toast. I'd had this idea that if I tricked my belly with a meal, I might be overcome by tiredness... it seems not.

The diet I wrote of a few blogs ago?
I started it ... well actually, I thought about starting it and became incredibly irritated at the thought of doing mean things to my self while I am waiting to be legal enough to work again ... food is about all I have left when it comes to using those vital decision-making skills.

And ... my second series of Nederlands begins next week. They are going to hurt so much more than the first series ... I'm learning past tense so that I don't sound 2 years old when speaking Dutch. I'll be able to have long complicated conversations ... quite frankly, I can't imagine it.

So, in the interests of fitness and things (without dieting) I have been thinking about how to get my bicycle out of the scary underground basement and keeping it somewhere more 'Di friendly' ... perhaps in with the car, or whipping it up in the tiny elevator, using ropes and kiwi ingenuity on the spiral staircase, hmmmmm then storing it in the hall.

Gert has quietly raised an eyebrow over all of my plans ...

Tot ziens.


Milan said...

I know the kind of incidents you mean. Insomnia and blogging go wonderfully together.

harvey molloy said...

I really avoid reading when I can't sleep--it just keeps me awake! I've also linked to your blog from mine.

Happy new year

woman wandering said...

Hey guys, thanks for leaving a comment. And Harvey, I worked out how to link, finally ... and linked back to you. Thanks.


Alison said...

I don't know how you manage to get anything done through your insomnia. I just tend to watch the clock and think 'If I could sleep now, I'd get four hours of sleep...'