Monday, June 15, 2009

A wee overload

One of the most difficult things for me as a photographer, is ignoring the other beauty while working.

So I photographed ANZAC Day on Flanders Fields, and I photographed a stunning singer and they were my tasks for the day but I also took almost 300 photographs of some owls and another 20 of two fishermen who caught my eye as they caught a fish each ...

And I always feel I should offer those photographs back to those kind enough to allow me to photograph them, free of charge, as it my impulse not their request. As I truly hate having my photograph taken, I always appreciate their generosity.

And then I was back to work on other jobs, as well as having the 3000-4000 Istanbul images to process. I wandered off to Naples and came back to an explosion of work.

The exhibition had to take priority and it did and here I am, still working on it because people loved what I did and asked me to continue.

Today I discovered that despite working all weekend, I was in a truly serious overload situation so ... I cancelled today.

I write this as I begin the task of processing as fast as possible, burning to cd and adding this work to the ever-increasing load of work to be mailed.

All of this is complicated by the fact that my day job hasn't paid me for last month and so I'm sitting on my hands as I wait for cash.

I love my life but I have to learn how to work it so that it works for me...

Note to self: must find someone to clean my apartment for me too.


Lilacspecs said... can get a cleaning person for like 7€/hour to clean your place.

And I hope you're able to get your work caught up soon. My wrist is still very painful but since it apparently was never broken I'd like to ask a bit more about NGOs when you have some free time.

Di Mackey said...

I know, I just have to find where to find them ... those people I can pay with dientencheques. Thank you :)

Email me and I will try to outline some stuff. I'll ask at work too, I'm there tomorrow. Don't wait for free time with me, it never happens or not lately, just ask. I really don't mind.

Your wrist sounds like it has given you an interesting time. How frustrating, I hope it stops hurting soon.