Friday, June 19, 2009

Anne Michaels, Extraordinary Author and Poet

We forget the power of the small act of love. We forget how powerful that is. Often, we feel hopeless in the face of history, in the face of economics, in the face of these large forces, but really the small individual act can be incredibly powerful.
Anne Michaels, author of Fugitive Pieces.

Fugitive Pieces is one of my top 5 favourites books of all time.
It is simply that good and that beautiful.
Anne is astoundingly intelligent, well-researched and her poetic prose makes me melt.

Laura, the wise and beautiful Laura to be more precise, linked to this interview with Anne Michaels.

Simon brought news of another book by Ms Micheals, titled The Winter Vault , you can imagine what I'm looking for next. Her poetry book in The Weight of Oranges is just as exquisite ... just btw.


V-Grrrl said...

My copy of The Weight of Oranges arrived last week and I've been dipping into it. I also finished your copy of Journal of a Solitude and then last week got my own copy so I could mark it up. : )

Get this--my copy has PHOTOS of the house in NH. : )

Di Mackey said...

I love Anne's poems, Ms V, I'm glad you have her book and photographs in the Journal ... yum!