Monday, June 08, 2009

Flanders Fields, as written by Shannon.

Shannon has a blog she writes as Mlle and she made the time to write up our trip to Flanders Fields.

Me ... I was too busy tearing my hair out in an action that surely resembles an incredibly stressed person.

I'll get back to the blog as life settles down.


Mlle said...

thanks Di! I really appreciate your link to my blog... since the 5th of June, I've had 17 visits originating from People Become Stories :)

I had a wonderful time visiting (except 65% of today! ha ha thanks for the support during those darker hours)

Di Mackey said...

You funny wee bunny. I hope you arrived home without being soaked by the rain and that you weren't hungry on the train. Dinner here was mediocre so maybe you were right to run for the train.

It wasn't 65% ... plonker but it was intensely frustrating with the lost photographs, eh wot. Gert laughed about the cds, I knew he would ... see.

We loved having you here, as always and I'm sorry that today was karmically doomed. Next time we'll try to go light on the entertainment and make the whole visit more of an even visit.