Monday, June 08, 2009

Old Brickworks, Mesen

Old Brickworks, Mesen, originally uploaded by - di.

We spent the morning clambering about in the ruins of a 100 year old brick and tile factory. The light was delicious.

It should be known that I climbed up a narrow metal set of steps to reach this spot, photographed the mummified rat corpse, saw none of the huge spiders Marc saw and generally had an excellent time.

15 hours out wandering ... not bad for a Sunday.


Inge said...

I love this picture, how dit you get to capture the light on the floor, I was there a few minutes later and I didn't see those lightreflections:(

Di Mackey said...

It was so fast, Inge. The light came and it went and then returned again ... I always feel it's like stalking some wild animal on days like yesterday, when the clouds move fast and the light is in and out.