Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today was the day I had been looking forward to for a long time ... I was meant to photograph the Antwerpen offerfeest, otherwise known as Aid Al-Adha.

Sadly my Spanish cold is a nasty one and all I've done for the last two days is sleep, cough, take painkillers and cough syrup (too late to avoid coughing my throat raw) and sleep somemore.

The worst thing about getting sick in a country that's not your own is that all the remedies and comforts passed down to you by your mother and nana are gone.

I need ice blocks for my throat ... back in New Zealand I would have bought Popsicles or Fru-Jus but they're not available here.

I would have squeezed lemons, added honey and disprin for a hot drink ...
No way.

We have our New Year's Day feast at een uur on Mandag. Fingers crossed that I can beat back this flu cold by then.

Tot ziens from the miserable one.


V-Grrrl said...

A good day for lingering in bed....

I hear the pharmacists here are quite good conjurers and maybe they can mix you a potion that will relieve what ails you. Send the Belgie out into the cold and damp to consult his local Shaman.

Manic said...

Have you tried calling your doctor to get you a nice dose of meds? That usually works. Next time take a flu shot, you're not used to European flues, I think. Get well ohh incredible one :P

Anonymous said...

So sorry you're still feeling awful. Hope the fog lifts in time to have at least a quiet celebration of the new year! xo

woman wandering said...

Lol, well you know what v-grrrl, I did and he came back with treasure. Last night he bought me back a cough mixture that's impressing me but today he went out and found me some iceblocks ... orange-flavoured, that are so kind to my throat. Full of painkiller, feeling not too bad at 3.30pm.

Hmmm I hadn't thought of a doctor manic ... I think this is straight out flu and I didn't think they could do so much to make it go faster? Is it the fever, or was there mention of an 'incredible one' ;) I'm a rotten patient ... incredibly rotten is about all I deserve lol.

I know Tara, I have the loveliest bottle of red wine here and I can't face the thought of it ... a terrible turn of events that I hope to right in time for the new year :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you get better interesting observation about getting sick in a foreign country.

woman wandering said...

Hey twitches, I love the new photograph that appears when you comment !! :)

And yes, the best thing so far has been finding that my dissolvable painkiller from Turkey is freely for sale here ... otherwise it's all been new each time.