Thursday, December 28, 2006

So ...

It's been a bumpy landing, this homecoming ...

Everyday we spent in Spain gifted us skies like those in the first photograph here.

With last winter as my guide I can tell you that we had skies like those in the second photograph, taken today, for more than 2 winter months and so it will be again, if the gods of the weather map decide that is how it is to be.

The other cause of this low mood today is about the fact that I sympathised with Erin when she woke 2 mornings ago with a cold that had gone straight to her chest. Today the sympathy has turned to heartfelt empathy ... it seems that the sibling of her cold is a traveller and decided on a quick trip to Belgium so here I am - unwilling host of the moment.

I know, I know ... it's post-travel settling back in, normal in fact.
And I'll gamely reply ... 'No wurries mate', hoping to impress all with the casual downunder way of dealing with life.

Meanwhile, I need to go find some chorizo and cook down some wine for the sauce ... am fighting an almost overwhelming desire for a nice tapas lunch.


Manic said...

Poor Di, get well soon. Spain is blessed with a good climate, Belgiul unfortunately isn't. You'll get used to the rain again, someday...Yes I know its self-indulgence, but it helps ease the pain.

woman wandering said...

Wise manic ... lol, I cunningly didn't draw anyone's attention to the fact that New Zealand is having a miserable Christmas weatherwise ... I come from the land of variable weather, and often bad during our summer Christmas ;)

Dunedin is potentially Antwerpen's weather cousin ... yay, I found it sigh.