Friday, December 08, 2006

Another good day ...

Sometimes my days are sublime ...

I started out sluggish, there was no other word for it. I was tired after Germany and I had to clean up breakfast before my 'office-space' was pleasing to me. Sometimes I mumble about that. Gert has a cleaning lady who cleans up his office as he sleeps ... I want one too.

I had some 40x60cm enlargements waiting for me in the city.
Seeing them would give me some idea of print enlargement quality on images from my little EOS Canon 350D. I was scared I might be left wanting more ... a bigger digital, more pixels 'n stuff.

I dragged myself out of the house wishing my umbrella was bigger ... rain.

At the shop and I loved the results!

Later, as I was about to climb on the tram, I missed a call on my cellphone. Digging around in my bag, I pressed redial and greeted the caller warmly, assuming I knew them.

He hastily said, 'You don't know me' and was quietly worried Just how friendly was I ...?

He needed my help, he told me.
Curious I listened as I boarded the tram ... no mean feat with a full bag of groceries, a flimsy plastic bag of fragile photographs and a handbag.

He needed a native English speaker for an exposition in the city next year.
He talked some more, describing a rather delicious sounding project where I will be filmed reading a poem and that's all I'm telling for now. I need to know a little more before attempting to explain.

I said yes because out in the world, I promised myself I would say yes to as many new adventures as I had the courage for ... this seemed like a good one.

Then ... as if my cup hadn't already runneth over ... I received an email about photographing the Offerfeest here in the city at the end of December.

Stunned and delighted I am.

In 2001 I discovered anthropology while studying literature and I took as many classes in anth as was possible.

These days I'm living a dream I didn't have the imagination to dream.

It was a good day ...


christina said...

And delighted you should be! You're going places, my dear. How wonderful.

woman wandering said...

I was honest and told him my English was spoken with a New Zealand accent ...

Why ... because many of the Belgians Brits, Americans, Canadians and Italians in my life assure me that what I speak is barely English ... in fact, one friend who shall remain nameless said 'It doesn't give you much time to learn English!!'

Thanks Christina :)

paris parfait said...

Hooray for you and your good day! Everything will fall into place, you'll see.

woman wandering said...

It will Tara, as long as I never drink alcohol again, she replies on the Sunday after the party on Saturday night.

Lisa said...

Congrats! That sounds promising as well as exciting. How does this ring for you? Di (insert your last name here), Professional Photographer, Artist, and Keynote Speaker.

Personally I think it fits. :)

woman wandering said...

Lol, dank u wel Lisa! Now let's just test whether you haven't made my head too big to fit through the door :)