Friday, December 08, 2006

Sample questions on your test for entry to Britain ...

I can only hope that I'm not faced with this line of questioning on re-entering New Zealand because after spending most of my life there ... well, let's just say I'm clearly not worthy of inclusion in the society there ;)

Migration to Britain: Where have migrants come from in the past and why? What sort of work have they done?

The changing role of women: Do women have equal rights and has this always been the case? Are there as many women in education or work as men? Do women get the same pay as men? Do women with children work?

Children, family and young people: How many young people are there in the UK? Do many children live in single parent families or step-families? When do children leave home? What sort of work do children do? When do children take tests at school? How many go on to higher education? What are the minimum ages for buying alcohol and tobacco? What drugs are illegal? How interested are young people in politics? What do they see as the main issues today?

Population: How many people live in the countries of the UK? What is the census and how is census data collected and used? How many people belong to an ethnic minority and which are the largest minority groups? Where are there large ethnic communities?

Religion and tolerance: How many people say they have a religion and how many attend religious services? What are the largest religious groups? What is the Church of England and who is its head? What are the main Christian groups?

The regions of Britain: Where are Geordie, Cockney and Scouse dialects spoken?

Customs and traditions: Do people tend to live in the cities or in the country? What and when are the national days of the four countries of the UK? What are bank holidays? What and when are the main Christian festivals? What other traditional days are celebrated?

The working system of government: What are MPs? How often are elections held and who forms the government? What is the role of the Prime Minister? Who advises them and what are the main roles in the Cabinet? What type of constitution does the UK have? What is Her Majesty's Opposition and what is the role of the Leader of the Opposition? How is political debate reported? Are newspapers free to publish opinions or do they have to remain impartial?

The formal institutions – 1: What is the Queen's official role and what ceremonial duties does she have? How do elections for the House of Commons work? How are candidates selected? What do the Speaker and Whips do? What is the House of Lords and who are its members? How can you visit Parliament?

The formal institutions – 2: How are judges appointed and how do they apply the law? How are the police organised and who controls their administration? What is the civil service and how do civil servants work with government? How are local services managed, governed and paid for?

Devolved administration: What is proportional representation and where is it used? What are the powers of the devolved administrations? Which areas of policy remain under the control of the UK government? What are quangos and non-departmental public bodies?

Britain in Europe and the world: What are the roles and powers of the main institutions of Europe? How is European law organised? What rights do citizens of European Union states have to travel and work? What is the Commonwealth? What is the United Nations and what is Britain's role within it?

The ordinary citizen: What rights and duties do UK citizens have? Who has the right to vote and at what age? How and when do you register to vote? Who can stand for public office? How do you contact an elected representative?

Sourced from Telegraph News .


Andrew said...

I think that immigrants applying for citizenship have a better grasp about the country they are entering than most people that are born there. I don't think I could answer most of those questions about Canada, let alone another country.

woman wandering said...

Hey but guess what happens if they don't know this stuff ;)

Telling stuff eh, that we as natives couldn't answer answer most of these questions.

I took down my more fiery post on immgration ... I'll sit on it awhile.