Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's been a day ...

I'm writing this post from Gert's office in the city ...

He foresaw problems with me hanging out here for a couple of hours on this wet, dark, rainy, windy day and offered me a colleague's computer. Or he may have been compelled by pity as he watched me struggling to handwrite a letter to an old friend. I seem to have lost the power of writing.

It's been one of those days ...

I had my 4th dental appointment this morning and like a boxer going into the ring, I have my preparation time beforehand.
I was alone and contemplative.

I left in time to be 5 minutes early, my dentist was running at least 30 minutes behind however it was okay, I chatted with the policewoman who had travelled 2 hours on the train simply because she had heard my dentist was so good.
I confirmed both dentists in the practice were superb.

We exchanged phone numbers and will have coffee next time she's in the city.

Then, having had a filling removed from the very back of my mouth ... my very small mouth ... I wasn't quite feeling myself and blocked Gert's money card with too many attempts.

And so here I am, having met Gert who unblocked the money card, waiting for my 6.30pm photography appointment with interesting people in the city.

Last time I tried meeting a similar group, I was running late due to babysitting Gert's son, although I would have made it on time ... until my tramline was blocked by a bus crash.

The Chinese Englishman, a Nigerian guy from Brussels, a silent Chinese woman and I made our way through the rain darkened streets in search of a bus on the other side of the accident.
Really, we did.

We talked as we walked ... the English guy had recently been bankrupted and was having trouble with baliffs but he was a friendly soul.

The Nigerian was married but couldn't get his wife into Belgium.
The Chinese woman smiled and said nothing.

We parted ways when my destination came in to view.

Once there, I was told by a woman that I was in the wrong place. She gave me a map, telling me that if I walked back a few blocks I would arrive where I was meant to be. Gert had another meeting and I was only free for a short time ... I went home.

It turned out she was wrong. I'm going back there today, let's see how it goes.

Sometimes, I feel just like Alice must have felt when she found herself down the rabbit hole ... hmmm, and I do believe I've found a nice place to hang out on the cold rainy days. Now to tell Gert ...


Lisa said...

Good evening Alice. Your Persian Chicken was scrumptious. I could really learn to like red wine, too, she said with heavily lidded eyes and a wide, satisfied smile. Surprisingly she could still type...

Manic said...

He surely won't mind at all. Have you ever seen 'How to loose a guy in ten days'? You should it contains a whole lot of valuable tips what not to do with men. We're pretty complicated animals.

woman wandering said...

Hello Lisa, the one with the heavy lidded eyes. I'm glad you enjoyed the Persian chicken ... it's stunning, isn't it :)

Dank u wel for the big smile your comment caused Meneer Manic. As usual, you come up with new ways to surprise me. I'll cook it for you next time you're in Antwerpen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice1 (I actually think you are a little more grounded than Alice.) As usual I have enjoyed the ramble through your attractive, informative and introspective blog - and by the end of it, I don't feel like Alice at all - just even more admiring of you and even more informed - esp more than if I'd read today's newspaper or watched the tv news.
Thanks Di - hope the teeth feel okay.

woman wandering said...

Thank you for your vote of confidence chief biscuit ... sometimes I surely feel like Alice though.

The teeth are better today and I don't have another appointment until January 2 :)

Manic said...

You'll cook what for me next time I'm stopping by Antwerp to cause a Manic Panic?

woman wandering said...