Thursday, December 14, 2006

Still slightly seedy this morning but the nausea is definately easing.

I had to laugh when I saw the difference in the way that I treat myself if I think the illness is self-induced and when it's a flu.

I suffered with the hangover, I even confessed here just because blogging was the very last thing that I felt like but then, as the days went on and the blogging fairy stayed quiet, I began to question the hangover theory.

Of course, I always start with the worst-case scenario. My mother and nana both died very soon after diagnosis a few years ago and some events scar a person some, whether they're conscious or not.

Yesterday, Gert filled my little worried heart with joy as he confessed to feeling quite ill.

It's a flu!
This woman who hasn't had a flu for years is just coming out the other side of her first Belgian flu.
Life is good.

Yesterday I received the poem I'm reading for the camera on Monday.
I'll post after the event. That's a retrospective story methinks ...

Off to the city today.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

Those Belgian flus are dangerous. It has been a bad season this season, way too hot so the germs could spread easily and make loads of people ill. That's why I'm happy it frooze a that, but it ain't quite cold enough yet. Very dangerous for the holiday season. Flu and mass gatherings means more flu.

V-Grrrl said...

So let me get this straight--you're applauding Gert and your friend's flu because it validates yours? Shame on you, grrrl. ; ) You Kiwis are a rough lot.

And you have to prime your readers for the poetry reading. You MUST share the poem before the big event. Posting audio would be even cooler, if you have that capability.

Hope Gert feels better.

woman wandering said...

Thank you manic ... lol, you gloomy old thing :) So you would advise me to stay off the trams too?

I know it looks bad v-grrrl but ... well it was a relief when his tummy turned feral on him ... and yes, we are rough in the land downunder.

As for the poem ...I don't know that my readers are ready for my poetry reading ... oh you stirrer, audio indeed! :)