Friday, December 08, 2006

Erkan Saka, Anthropologist and Blogger

Watching the headlines spin by over here in Europe or is that 'headlines spun about Turkey here in Europe', I can begin to imagine how Turks might feel about their 'path' to the EU.

I found the cartoon over on Erkan's website .

I often source information from Erkan's site but I haven't written about who he is for quite some time. Erkan Saka is a Ph.D candidate in the Anthropology Department of Rice University and a teaching assistant at the Media and Communication Systems Department of Istanbul Bilgi University.

He uses his blog to register his fieldwork for his dissertation thesis project on Turkish journalism and the European Union (EU).

His blog is an interesting source of news, commentaries, casual analyses, documents, fieldnotes etc related to Turkey, the EU and his research as well as his posts on anthropology, journalism, cyberculture, football (soccer), reading notes and other field attractions ...

As usual ... thanks Erkan :)


Manic said...

Yea, Turkey would rock in the EU, but both nations are having an uproar of nationalism which will make it very very hard. I just hope all of us can just use our rational minds and try to get to some sort of compromise. Nobody will be cheering, but at least a compromise is better than to be absolutely disappointed. I fear for the worst though. Something went wrong when we allowed Cyprus in before Turkey. Cyprus isn't going to make it easy for Turkey to enter.

woman wandering said...

Manic, you are a wise old thing ... I loved your comment :)