Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Saturday Night surprise ...

Gert and I were watching a BBC drama last night when my phone rang ... a lovely friend, who shall remain anonymous, was calling.

She said, 'What number are you?'
I told her.
I see it, she said.
Laughing I said, 'Are you here for the party?'

Yes, we are.
Giggling I had to tell her, 'That would be the party that's next week ...?'

She said something along the lines of 'Noooooooooo!'
Still laughing I told her to come up, leaving Gert to open the doors while I ran to change out of my 'around-home-only-trousers'.

And so it was that our lovely New Zealand-friend-living-in-Brussels arrived, Australian sparkling wine in hand and her delightful English friend in tow.

Greetings and laughter exchanged, the wine was opened and we had a little Saturday company.

It turned out we were lucky she made the mistake ... she flies out to New Zealand next week, one day before the party. Meanwhile she has offered to bring me something from home and like a kid in a sweet shop, I've been thinking and thinking about what I would most love ... it will come to me.

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