Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday night in Antwerpen

Responding to Meneer Manic's nagging I'm finally updating my blog, although his comment did correspond with an improvement in my health and I just want to say, 'that'was more than a hangover. I didn't drink enough to stay ill for 2 days ... really, I didn't.

So I slept until lunchtime today and now I'm slowly but surely rebooting life as normal.
It's good to be back actually.

The party on Saturday ... well I looked round the room at one point and thought 'What really nice people.'

Numbers were down due to various friends and acquaintences flying home for their Christmas celebrations or they had been pre-booked, which is common enough at this time of year but still, our lounge ended up with a few small groups of interesting people chatting about all manner of things.

There's a moment I look for when partying ... it's like a small 'ting'; that moment when you realise it's going to be okay, people are talking, mingling ... alles goed.

Shannon, Alison and I started up this party tradition where we keep opening the circle. So each party, we invite folk we've met along the way. Shannon and Gabe's first party like this was spectacular as Shannon invited her entire French class ...

Out here in the world, I meet the most incredible people and it's a real pleasure to bring everyone together; a privilege to be allowed to know them really.

So yes, Saturday night was a good night, according to me.


Manic said...

Sounds like a delightful time, wish I could've been there, but you know Antwerp, exams, the whole sha-bing-bang. Sick for two days, that must have been such a kool party.

It's raining. Again. Ohh I missed those Belgian rain drop drops.

Alison said...

It was good according to me too. Thanks for having us and after Christmas we'll try to return the favour... that is if people can find us out here :)

woman wandering said...

Well we thought about inviting you but then rethought because of your exams...

I'll let you know about the next one :)

Excellent idea Alison ... 'if you build it, they will come'.

That little movie quote is doing the rounds at the moment ... lol forgive me.