Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What if the US Threw out all the Illegal Immigrants?

It's an interesting question, one that Britain has already addressed with similar conclusions, although with Poland luring its people home, it is a reality some European countries might have to address soon.

The article is here.

And the top 5 illegal overstayers in Australia?
UK, US, PR China, Indonesia, Rep of Korea
SOURCE : Australian Immigration Dept


furiousBall said...

i can't stand the racism in my country, the people with bumper stickers saying something like "this is america, learn english"

i worked with vietnamese refugee familes in college teaching them english as a second language. most immigrants are here with good intentions and families they just want to have a better life. they don't want a handout, just a chance.

Peter said...

Some of my best neighbors were non-native.

I won't post my opinion about the US migration approach, but we all know Belgium failed miserably when it came to guiding the influx of migrants.

Migration into Belgium has been a 40y debacle, started in the 60's with a "come work in our coal mines" opportunistic approach by the Belgian government, ending with the current "Closed detention Centers" for families who are no longer economically 'compliant'.

Like in many countries, the Belgian approach to migration has been disgraceful.