Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Once, the Movie

I knew I'd love Once .

I have always loved music, with a special weakness for the kind of music on this movie.

Finding the movie and the time in a country not my own rarely works out when it comes to movies. I haven't recovered from the horror of realising all my beloved French and Italian movies have Dutch subtitles here.

Today, when testing the limits of the newly-awoken achilles tendon, we wandered the city, dealing with real work like mutuality insurance-type details and picking up yet another Katherine Mansfield book - this time a collection of Selected Letters, edited by Vincent O'Sullivan but in-between things planned came things-unplanned.

I foundOnce in Media Markt for 9euro, a movie I hadn't managed to see while it was on in the cinema.

I watched it just now and was lost ... in the way you get lost when you fall in love with someone new, that delicious floating kind of lost.


Inge De Leeuw said...

Vaughan and I rented 'Once' on DVD recently and were really charmed by it too. The music is just amazing - I actually bought the soundtrack last week as a gift for his upcoming birthday (among other things) :-). Good to hear you had a splendid time in France, am so jealous!

Jule's Euro-Arabic Short Story said...

You just made my day, my favorite song from my favorite movie, yes it's about falling in love.

Niamh said...

Mark lent us this - even Husband sat through it despite it being a 'girly movie'. Must get soundtrack

Di Mackey said...

The music is, isn't it and guess what Inge ... they're playing in Gent in November!! The main characters are actually together, which is kind of nice. I went researching after seeing it. Now to get my tickets booked!

Oh, don't be jealous of France, I had horrible hayfever and didn't sleep so well ... there, did that help?

I remember you playing that for us in Rome, Julie. We were chilling out, as I recall. 30 celsius+, outside in the garden ... wondering if the B&B place would throw us out for having the music too loud lol.

Oh, you have Mark there lending you movies!!! Sigh, I'm perpetually in trouble for not getting through the Dead Like Me series on dvd. Maybe this holiday break :)