Monday, July 14, 2008

Di Mackey Photography ... Revamped!

Moose, LNZRFC, originally uploaded by - di.

I've been so busy taking photographs that my photography website was suffering from dire neglect ...

Today has been all about making a new selection of photographs for Di Mackey , about Gert changing the look of the photo galleries, about writing new introductions to each selection in the space that opened up, about resizing and loading and editing and now ... I think we are done.

Let me know if you see glaring errors any place. I know that there are 2 words running together but that's about all I can see.

I hope you enjoy what you find there, and thank you to v-grrrl who wrote the homepage words quite some time ago, revealing that she believed in me long before I did.


Simon said...

Well, it's an honour for me to be so prominently displayed on your pro site, I have to say.
Looks good overall, although personally I prefer galleries where you can choose from a thumbnail view which images you'd like to see. But the photos themselves are great, as usual. We're telling anyone who'll listen (and anyone else who won't) about how much fun our session was and how pleased we were with the results.

V-Grrrl said...


Proud to be the first to put into words the magic of Di(vine) Mackey Photography

V-Grrrl said...

P.S. I like the slideshow, like that it is immediately accessible from the home page. Clicking "play" is the beginning of a journey and it's full of surprises. It showcases the scope of your work and talent, draws the viewer in and doesn't let them viewer go until they've seen the best. Who would hit the stop button when they never quite know what's coming up next?

distracted by shiny objects said...

I adore your photographs. You're able to bring out and to capture that moment when a person opens up to the camera and lets their soul come out and play. Beautifully done. And well written, v-grrrrl. A toast to you all:>)AnnieH

Anil P said...

God to see your site. If I may I've a couple of suggestions to make. I might have preferred to:

1. Separate the categories links from the rest stating client testimonials, about, contact etc.

2. It might have been easier to navigate if the menu had been left on once the slide show starts so that an user wanting to navigate to another section could do so therein without having to backtrack before selecting another section.

3. If the image could load on the page without having to scroll the page to see it full, that might be useful as well. This could require you to reduce the height of the header section.

It's been a pleasure to see you grow in your field since the last couple of years.

Wish you all the success and satisfaction you derive from your craft.

Di Mackey said...

Thank you very much, Simon.

Much appreciated words, Veronica and I'm glad you approved the slideshow.

Dear Annie H, thank you :)

And Anil, thank you. I need to wait until I get back from traveling to read through your comments and see what is possible but your ideas were much appreciated.