Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Party ...

I love parties at our place, mostly because of the very cool people I know and the fact that when you get them altogether in the same room, this conversational magic happens and the evening becomes an evening full of good conversations.

Last night was no different despite the missing 'originals'.
There were 20 adults, if you include us, and 3 children. Even better, for the first time, we were able to include the balcony as part of the available party-space. It's about 15 metres long and 3 and a half metres wide - it begs party but Antwerpen weather rarely allows it however I am thinking dinner party out there in August, with party to follow.

The Belgians were the most numerous in attendance for the first time, replacing the friendly American ascendancy of the past. We had 10 Belgians this time, 2 Italians, 4 Brits, 1 American, 4 Kiwis and then there were the children and I'm not sure where they were born.

As a kiwi, of the largely mono-lingual variety, we have friends with multi-lingual children under 5. Robin and Alberto's children speak English and Italian with equal fluency, as well as the French of their schooling.

Little Miss 4 moves between English and Dutch very naturally while Simon and Paola's children are fluent in English and Italian, also with French from school I think.

Language seems like a stunning gift to give children and it delights me to hear it.

Thank you to everyone who came last night.
See you in August.


Kay said...

All sound s good. Great to catch up and to read a little of life in your part of the world. Good times with friends can't be beaten. Good luck with the latest photography venture. Well done.

Simon said...

Thanks again for inviting us. It was a very varied and interesting group of people, and there was definitely some "conversational magic" last night.
Here's to the next one.

Di Mackey said...

You'll have to come over and stay, Kay - we could have a party in honour of our kiwi poet and guest :)

Simon, it's always a pleasure to have you guys at our parties. Meanwhile it's a de Andre day here in the lounge. Gert and I are working madly on our computers, updating the photography website with new photographs and a new look.

Manictastic said...

It was lovely and all those interesting people. Whodathunk that? I'm eagerly awaiting the next soirée at Villa Kiwi.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks for coming to the party, Meneer Manic. I'm glad you had a good time and good to see you arrived home safely :)

I'll get back to you about the next party, late August I think.