Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Summer on the balconies of Belgie

As Peter drives over to my place, I thought I might go for a wander through some of the blogs and voila, his blog gives you some insight into Antwerpen's weather today.

We were luckier with our massive balcony and it weathered the downpour without problems. I'm thinking that maybe he and I can take Paola's limoncello outside when he arrives. He said something cold when I talked of putting the coffee pot on although I guess he might be quite so keen on the alcohol content if he's driving.

You don't know limoncello ... ?

Gert, Jessie and I had our first rather excellent Limoncello experiment last night. I found this recipe amongst many:
8 organic lemons (or make sure they don’t have chemicals on)
800 gr sugar
1 lt + 1glass of water
1 lt pure alcohol (95% vol. or 95°…I don’t know how do you say…)

Peel the lemons (only the yellow part, no white at all, it gives bitter taste) and put it in alcohol for 20 days, storing the closed bottle (or the pan or where do you want to put the mixture) in a cool and dark place.
Then strain the liquid and add it to a cold syrup made by water and sugar.
Bottle the limoncello and drink it after 30 days or more.


furiousBall said...

that sounds perfect amiga, say howdy to Peter for me

Peter said...

Thank you for having me over Di!

I enjoyed the afternoon on your (stunningly large) balcony: I hadn't seen it yet during daytime hours.

It's really great having you as a 'only 15 min drive away' neighbor. See you July 12th.

Di Mackey said...

Belatedly, Van. We talked of you though (and said very nice things). You'll have to make a note to self to join us one day.

And Peter, it was a pleasure. Next party, we're so hoping the weather will finally cooperate and let us use that beautiful balcony. It is usually cold and wet though ... whatever the season.

See you soon.